Ulrick & Short launch fat replacer for pastry

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Credit: Shutterstock.com/ bellena

Ulrick & Short, the UK-based clean label ingredient specialist, has developed a new fat replacement ingredient designed specifically for pastry.

Since the UK Government laid out ambitious targets to reduce sugar and calories by 20% by 2020, manufacturers have had to consider nutritional profiles more so than ever.

Cakes, pastries and sweet goods are the single largest bakery subsector, accounting for a third of overall bakery category sales and over 20% of NPD. Little wonder that high fat pastries have been identified a target area for sugar, fat and overall calorie reduction.

delyte 10 allows bakers to slash up to a quarter of fat, achieving overall calorie reduction in shortcrust pastry while still maintaining colour, texture, bite and flavour.

Declarable simply as “wheat flour”, delyte 10 is clean label, ensuring that back of pack declarations will remain transparent. It is also non-GM, dairy free and vegan-friendly.

Moreover, the ingredient can be easily applied to other dry ingredients and so requires no factory process change.

Adrian Short, Director at Ulrick & Short, said: “Bakers now need to stay ahead of the trend and be prepared for 2020.

“delyte 10 offers the functionality to satisfy and beat legislation, putting them in a good spot for 2020 and the inevitable further consumer and governmental pressure.”