Restricting milk labelling on dairy alternatives ‘unnecessary’, says PBDA

Restricting milk labelling on dairy alternatives ‘unnecessary’, says PBDA
Credit: Alexander Prokopenko

The FDA’s efforts to restrict milk labelling in the US would be “unnecessary, costly and unconstitutional” says the Plant Based Foods Association (PBDA).

The association has submitted comments in response to an FDA inquiry on dairy names for plant-based alternatives on behalf of its 130 members.

PBFA also conducted a preliminary analysis of the comments posted so far by FDA and found that at least 74% of people are in support of using the term “milk” on the label of plant-based milks.

“We maintain that this entire exercise is a solution in search of a problem,” said Michele Simon, Executive Director of PBFA.

“At a time when resources are scarce, our federal government should not be concerned with how “almond milk” is labelled. Aren’t there higher priorities, such as a safety of our food supply, for FDA to worry about?

“Moreover, the marketplace disruption being pushed by the dairy lobby would hinder innovation, create untenable costs for our members, and ultimately be found unconstitutional, making the entire effort a waste of everybody’s time and resources.

“We encourage the FDA to abide by free market principles and not restrict labelling to unfairly favour the dairy industry.”