Plastic-free trust mark introduced on food and drink products

Plastic-free trust mark introduced on food and drink products
Courtesy of A Plastic Planet

Savvy shoppers interested in the environmental impact of their packaged food and beverage products, can now see at a glance which are plastic-free thanks to a new voluntary ‘trust mark’ introduced this week.

The mark has been introduced by campaign group A Plastic Planet at will be prominently displayed on food and beverage products. This means consumers can now more easily find a more sustainable alternative.

The first retailers to adopt the mark is Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza, famed for its recently introduced plastic-free aisle, and the UK’s own Iceland who has made headlines with its ban on palm oil.

Teapigs has also announced that its teabags will also feature the mark, though A Plastic Planet is hoping more brands and retailers will follow.

Speaking to Food and Drink International, Lee McBride, a partner at the law firm, Gowling WLG, said: “It is good to see these measures being taken seriously by a major supermarket in terms of best practice for others to follow. In isolation however, this is clearly not sufficient, as far as actual enforcement goes.

“I would encourage the incoming government to look closely at existing packaging laws and regulations with a view to making enforceable changes to ensure that product packaging is more easily recyclable in the first place.”