New partnership to launch breakthrough sugar reduction tech in Europe

Ingredion launching low calorie sugar solution across Americas
Credit: Africa Studio

European sugar company, Südzucker, has teamed up with Israel flavour delivery technology specialist, DouxMatok, to commercialize the latter’s breakthrough sugar reduction solution across Europe.

Compliant with European and US regulations, DouxMatok sugar can reduce up to 40% of the sugar content in various food products while maintaining the same sugar sensory profile.

The patented sugar delivery technology takes advantage of loading sugar molecules on a mineral carrier, resulting in a more efficient delivery and enhanced sweetness perception.

DouxMatok and Südzucker recently executed a memorandum of understanding, setting up the production, joint marketing and sales of DouxMatok sugar to customers in Europe.

The partnership is designed to help food companies address consumers’ growing desire for balanced nutrition and ongoing regulatory pressure to reduce sugar content in food, while still offering a solution that is noncompromising on taste.

The companies are currently focusing on process technology for scaling up the production and expect to offer it to European food brands for use in a large variety of categories, including: chocolate, spreads, snack bars, biscuits, baked goods and candies.

In addition, sugar reduction will be accompanied by recommendations for rebalancing recipes while improving the nutritional values of food, based on the companies’ expertise in filling ingredients.

The need and demand for sugar reduction is rising quickly, with over 60% of consumers seeking a more healthy and balanced nutrition, without avoiding sugar.

Realisation remains a challenge for producers, especially when it comes to the reformulation of solid food products.

However, DouxMatok said its solution is unique within the marketplace as it provides sugar reduction benefits, sugar-equivalent process technology and sensory sweetness performance equivalent to standard sugar.