No conflict between wheat and going gluten-free

No conflict between wheat and going gluten-free

European starch specialist, Kröner-Stärke, says there does not have to be conflict between going gluten-free and enjoying the taste and functional properties that wheat has to offer.

The company now produces a range of starches for gluten-free bakery products, sauces, batters and coatings using 100% naturally produced wheat starches with the gluten content washed out.

In products such as cakes and biscuits, Kröner-Stärke’s gluten-free native wheat starch Sanostar offers perfect sensory and functional properties to help create products with excellent baking properties and a superior taste experience similar to traditional recipes.

Sanostar, a clean-label ingredient, also works as an excellent gluten-free binding agent for sauces such as béarnaise or béchamel – ideal for use in applications such as ready-meals or ready-made sauces in jars or cartons.

It can also be used as a raw material for the production of batters or coatings to create a gluten-free range of popular products such as schnitzel, chicken nuggets or fish fingers.