Next-gen recipe launched for Impossible Burger

Next-gen recipe launched for Impossible Burger
Via Business Wire

Vegan start-up Impossible Foods has launched its first major shake-up to its recipe this month with a next-gen Impossible Burger offering “unprecedented taste, nutrition and versatility”.

As well as containing no animal hormones of antibiotics, the new recipe will see the Impossible Burger labelled gluten-free for the first time.

“The newest Impossible Burger delivers everything that matters to hard-core meat lovers, including taste, nutrition and versatility,” said Impossible Foods’ CEO and Founder Patrick O. Brown.

“This is the plant-based meat that will eliminate the need for animals in the food chain and make the global food system sustainable.”

The revamped burger was the first food ever showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where it launched this week.

The burger is now available in more than 5,000 locations in the US, from fine-dining establishments and “better burger” chains as well as White Castle, America’s original fast food restaurant.

The new recipe will begin rolling out to better burger chains from next week, with a full US launch planned for February.