New blockchain tracking platform launched for food industry

New blockchain tracking platform launched for food industry
Credit: whiteMocca

A new blockchain-enabled food tracking platform has been launched to track individual products from origin to consumer.

Developed in partnership between WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures, OpenSC aims to help businesses and consumers avoid illegal, environmentally damaging or unethical products, while improving supply chain accountability and transparency.

OpenSC enables businesses to track their products by adding a unique blockchain code at the product’s point of origin – such as the moment a fish is caught at sea.

The blockchain is a digital ledger that cannot be tampered with. It records the movement of a product along the supply chain and can store a range of information, such as when, where and how the product was produced, plus any social and environmental certifications or other data.

Consumers can also use OpenSC to learn more about the products they purchase. A simple example of the product in action is wild-caught Patagonian toothfish.

By simply scanning a product QR code with their smartphone camera, OpenSC will show where the fish in front of them was caught, how it journeyed along the supply chain, and importantly – that it comes from a certified sustainable fishery and was not caught inside an established marine protected area.