Nestlé plans new effluent plant for Derbyshire factory

Credit: Shaiith

Nestlé have submitted plans for a new effluent plant at their coffee factory in Derbyshire, which will reclaim coffee solids from waste, to use in their bio-mass boiler for the production of electricity.

The plan is for the factory to generate electricity from the solids at the same time as reducing pollution into the Severn Trent Water Treatment Works.

The treatment plant will be capable of handling 584,000m3 of wastewater each year, and a statement submitted to Derbyshire County Council points out: “The biological treatment process is the most effective and efficient way of removing soluble contamination from effluent.

“The effluent treatment plant will form an integral part of the coffee production facility.

“It will enhance the sustainability credentials of the factory and it builds on other initiatives to reduce the pollution load.”

A final decision is expected to be made by the council by the end of the year.