Mosa Meat raises €7.5m to launch cultured meat

Mosa Meat raises €7.5m to launch cultured meat
The world's first cultured meat burger. Courtesy of Mosa Meat

Dutch start-up Mosa Meat has raised €7.5 million to bring its cultured meat to market to 2021.

The Maastricht University spin-out produced the world’s first beef burger made directly from cow cells in 2013.

To date, this is the first investment in a European cultured meat company.

The round was co-led by M Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Merck, and Bell Food Group, the Swiss meat processor. They are joined by mission-based investors, including the Glass Wall Syndicate.

Mosa Meat was co-founded by Prof Mark Post, the scientist who created the first cultured hamburger in 2013. Early investors include Google’s Sergey Brin.

The company will use the funding to develop an end-to-end process for cultured meat production at significantly reduced cost.

The endpoint of the funding will allow the company to prepare for the construction of a pilot production plant for the introduction of a premium product in 2021.

Alexander Hoffmann, Principal at M Ventures, said: “Replacing traditional meat production with cultured meat would have a huge impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, it would free up a large amount of resources that are now used for meat production worldwide and will completely disrupt an old-established and currently unsustainable industry.”