Israeli food-tech firm heralds ‘breakthrough in food safety’

Israeli food-tech firm heralds ‘breakthrough in food safety’
Credit: Alexander Raths

An Israeli food-tech business has heralded a “breakthrough in food safety” after completing a field study of its anti-microbial technology.

The study of Bio-Fence’s Pentagon technology was undertaken at Milouoff – one of Israel’s largest ready to eat poultry production sites – where it demonstrated “superior results” compared to alternatives.

“Bio-Fence technology seems to have clear benefits over existing antimicrobial solution. It is safe, highly potent and rechargeable,” said Shiran Davidi, Quality Assurance Manager at Milouoff.

The trial involved monitoring the performance of an epoxy floor coated with Bio-Fence anti-microbial technology compared to either commercial Silver Ion coating and a designated control area.

Samples were collected by Milouoff Quality Assurance teams and sent for analysis by the independent Israeli Institute for Food Microbiology.

The results showed a significant 3-4 Log reduction of Total Count and Enterobacteria presences on the area coated with Bio-Fence, compared with the area coated with Silver Ion and the control coatings.

Bio-Fence CEO said: “We were always aware that our unique anti-microbial technology has significant advantages over existing solutions and our findings have now been validated by a field trial conducted and analysed by independent third parties,” said Ofer Shoham, CEO of Bio-Fence, a company of Israeli food-tech incubator The Kitchen Hub.

“Food Safety is a $55 billion problem. We are looking forward to bring our product to the market and help make our food safe and bacteria free.”