International roll-out for Don Lee Farms plant-based burger

International roll-out for Don Lee Farms plant-based burger
Via BusinessWire

California food manufacturer Don Lee Farms is ramping up production with an international roll-out of its Organic Plant-Based Burger.

The organic vegan and gluten-free burger is made from minimal plant-based ingredients as promises to sizzle on the grill “just like raw beef”.

The burger – the only burger to qualify for USDA’s organic certification – will now be sold in fifteen countries around the glove, including in Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

“We are thrilled to be introducing these organic burgers for the first time to a global audience,” said Donald Goodman, President of Don Lee Farms.

“We have made it our goal to bring our Organic Plant-Based Burger, along with our other popular plant-based and meat proteins, to more people than ever before.”

Since its launch, Don Lee Farms has sold millions of the Organic Plant-Based Burger to club stores, markets and on Amazon’s Treasure Truck.

Danny Goodman, Development, Don Lee Farms said: “As we expand beyond our borders and continue our family tradition of innovation, we will continue to roll out items that bring sustainable choices to a global consumer.”