i2r launch ground-breaking foil tray design

i2r launch ground breaking foil tray design

i2r Packaging Solutions has unveiled an innovative aluminium smoothwall product that is set to shake-up the food packaging industry.

The patent protected and design registered, i2r Ultra, uses a new style of embossing to dramatically increase stress resistance thereby reducing the gauge, price point and environmental impact of the product.

i2r partnered with Wolverhampton University to progress the detailed and complex project, utilising finite element analysis prediction software; the stronger, yet lightweight tray design has subsequently undergone significant independent scientific testing and validation.

The specialist rib and base configuration provides an increase in structural strength and delivers a reduction in weight against market equivalents.

The inclusion of an Alu recyclable logo and a ‘rinse & recycle’ message, helps provide the consumer with a clear and strong environmental call-to-action, assisting to  further promote the already high levels of aluminium recycling.

“With i2r Ultra, we have achieved a weight saving on an infinitely recyclable product and increased the strength over other competitor products,” said i2r’s Commercial Director Jon West.

“As a market leader our abilities to innovate are well known. This design shows that we are working hard to address environmental concerns, whilst at the same time offering further innovation and commercial choice by increasing strength and offering the product at a reduced price point against comparable containers. We are really excited about this new range and the benefits it has to offer.”

The company is initially launching i2r Ultra with 8  foil containers as an addition to their existing smoothwall range, with further investment in new tooling to expand the range longer term.

“We welcome customers to contact us to discuss the project in more detail and we’ll act on their requirements. In complementing our existing products, it is technically possible to incorporate this design throughout the whole i2r smoothwall range,” said West.

The new container will be launched on stand G45 at the forthcoming Packaging innovations show at the NEC, Birmingham on 27-28 February.