DMK Group officially opens high-tech baby food plant

DMK Group officially opens high-tech baby food plant

Dairy company DMK Group has officially opened its new high-tech baby food plant following a conversion process to its former dairy plant over the last few years.

The plant has been kitted out with state-of-the-art technology, high-quality infrastructure and energy-saving processes and equipment to the tune of a €145 million investment.

When fully commissioned, the new plant in Strückhausen in Wesermarsch will produce up to 40 million kg of GM-free milk per year.

It will produce high-quality baby milk formula for the Germany and international markets.

DMK Group said that it sources high-quality raw material from its own milk procurers, which it says are located in close proximity to the plant.

“The conversion has enabled us to fulfil the requirements for further strategic alignment between the DMK Group and the Humana brand,” said Ingo Müller, CEO of the DMK Group.

“The investment will allow us to meet the requirements of state-of-the-art baby food production in the future too, both in terms of our own production capacity and our customers’ quality, sustainability and flexibility requirements.”