Cargill invests $17.5m in edible oil facility

Cargill invests $17.5m in edible oil facility
Credit: Alaettin YILDIRIM

Cargill is boosting the production capacity of its global edible oil business with a $17.5 million upgrade of its refinery facility in Izegem, Belgium.

The upgrade will see the existing equipment get replaced with new machinery such as a deodorizer and a processing tech that will boost production and ensure the supply of safe infant nutrition edible oil.

European food safety legislation often leads the way in intensifying efforts to improve food safety, especially in the area of  infant nutrition regulations.

Recently, strict standards were set in place for chemical compounds such as 3- and 2-monochloropropanediol (MCPD) and glycidyl esters in infant food.

Cargill said the upgrade allows it to meet the required European safety and quality standards and address rising consumer food safety concerns.

Since 1998, Cargill has invested more than $74 million in the modernisation and upgrade of its refinery and bottling activities in Izegem.