Aldi launches own-brand bleeding vegan burger

Aldi launches own-brand bleeding vegan burger

Aldi, the rising star of Britain’s supermarket circuit, has launched a new plant-based burger which it says is the most “meat-like” vegan burger on the market.

Deploying similar marketing rhetoric as Impossible Foods over in the US, Aldi claim that its new quarter pounder “tastes just like a real burger”.

It is the result of twelve months work during which time the supermarket honed its recipe to capture a smoky flavour it says is “often lacking from other meat-free alternatives”.

The new Meat Free Butcher Quarter Pounders are made from soya protein and intended to look, taste and “bleed” like a real burger thanks to the inclusion of beetroot.

But where Aldi is really making an impact is on price, selling a two-pack over 75% cheaper than other supermarket alternatives.

The burgers are available now in stores and have been tailored toward vegans and meat-reducers alike.