Valio inaugurates ‘world’s most modern’ snack plant

Valio inaugurates ‘world’s most modern’ snack plant
Courtesy of Valio

Valio has inaugurated its new dairy facility in Finland in what the company describes as the the world’s “most modern snack plant”.

Once operational, half of the plant’s production will be used for the export market. For the foreseeable future, this market will consist predominantly of Sweden and Denmark.

New types of recipes for snacks will be used in the new plant. There are new ways to reduce sugar, and, for example, the protein or fat content of products can be varied in innovative ways.

Sustainability was also a major focus for the new plant.

The plant uses about 30% less energy per unit of production than the old factory Valio Riihimäki.

To achieve maximum energy efficiency, the plant makes efficient use of the waste heat generated during manufacturing.

In the new type of refrigerated warehouse, the products are cooled quickly, while saving energy at the same time.

More than three-quarters of the thermal energy used at Valio Riihimäki comes from renewable fuel, the company said.

Significant resources have also been invested in effective and efficient food loss management has also been invested.

The manufacturing and packaging equipment are designed to minimise product loss.