TIC Gums expands stabilisers aimed at dairy-based protein beverages

TIC Gums expands stabilisers aimed at dairy-based protein beverages

TIC Gums has expanded its portfolio of clean label hydrocolloids with new stabiliser systems designed for ready-to-drink, dairy-based protein beverages.

Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD and Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD High Viscosity address challenges associated with dairy beverage development including age gelation, protein stabilisation and texture needs while adhering to clean label parameters.

Manufacturers now have the ability to customize the desired textural attributes found in such applications while maintaining the stability of the finished product and extending its shelf life.

The company said that its Ticaloid PRO 192 stabilizer line emulsifies increased oil loads better than traditional emulsifiers, such as lecithin, in heat processed beverages. Therefore allowing manufacturers to expand product formulations with increased levels of nutritional oils beyond what they were able to achieve with lecithin alone.

Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD, on the other hand, yields a low viscosity and delivers desirable mouth coating in refreshing beverages.

“This new product line allows formulators to expand and push beverages into longer shelf life, higher protein content, and increased fat levels, while maintaining a clean label. These were challenges the industry previously faced without many solutions. The Ticaloid Pro 192 line is a real game changer for beverage developers to use in these new, innovative beverages,” said Dan Grazaitis, Beverage Technology Manager, TIC Gums.