Tempting batters now with clean-label benefits

A leading German natural starch producer, KRÖNER-STÄRKE, has succeeded in developing specialist wheat starches which allow food processors to formulate on-trend, clean-label batters and coatings which are rich in texture and taste but contain no chemicals.

KRÖNER-STÄRKE is offering a number of naturally produced starches ideal for use with meat, seafood and vegetables. These starches allow the batter to be declared as a clean-label ingredient and are designed for good adhesion, crispiness and coating stability. As well as outright replacement, existing recipes can be enhanced by mixing clean-label starch with flour to create a lighter, more versatile batter.

One of its latest developments is a ready batter mix suitable for fresh or frozen fish, meat and vegetables called COASTAR. The cost-effective pre-mix comes with or without added salt, and when mixed with water yields a pure wheat-based batter for coating that is free from additives, milk and egg proteins. It offers lump-free mixing, stable viscosity, good flowability, good adhesion, and important for the convenience market, good freeze-thaw stability.