SICK introduces IP69K versions of safety curtains for hygienic environments

SICK introduces IP69K versions of safety curtains for hygienic environments

SICK has introduced IP69K-rated versions of its deTec and deTem safety light curtains to provide robust solutions in hygienic, food and drink processing environments with rigorous high pressure, high temperature wash-down procedures.

Protected by specially-developed IP69K enclosures, the SICK deTec and deTem light curtains will not be compromised by aggressive regimes such as Clean- and Sterilise-in-Place (CIP and SIP).

Additionally, cleaning is quicker, easier and less costly than with mechanical safety protection such as access gates or safety fencing.

The curtain enclosures are available pre-assembled with SICK deTec/deTem Core, type 4 and type 2 light curtains.

Manufactured from high impact plastic and stainless steel, the complete enclosure system and attached cable are certified to IP69k in accordance with ECOLAB and Diversey for protection against high-pressure/steam jet cleaning and can operate in temperatures from 55 oC down to -30 oC.

“Because the enclosure system is integrated with the light curtain, the entire system satisfies the IP69K rating and is certified against common cleaning processes according to ECOLAB and Diversey,” said SICK UK’s Machinery Safety Product Manager, Dr Martin Kidman.

“It’s a rugged and easy-clean design constructed using food-friendly plastics and stainless steel.  There are no edges or gaps to act as dirt or bacteria traps and a venting system protected by a breathable, waterproof membrane, prevents misting, even across the -30oC to +55oC operating range.

“Uniquely, the SICK IP69K enclosure is customer-replaceable, so accidental damage to the enclosure is not too expensive.

“Ease and speed of cleaning reduces costs and downtime compared to mechanical guards and having the IP69K enclosure means that the light curtains have a long service life under difficult conditions.”

With a diameter of 50mm, the SICK IP69K light curtains are easy to locate in areas requiring hazardous point and access protection, even in cramped process production conditions. With fully pre-assembled devices, mounting, installation, commissioning and alignment are all quick and easy.

The safety light curtains provide protection against operator intervention with varying ranges up to 15.5 metres (deTem4 Core) and configuration and range adjustment is automatic requiring no additional set-up.

Diagnostics is achieved through simple LED indication and additional functions can be implemented using external devices such as safety relays, the SICK Flexi Classic system or SICK’s Flexi Soft modular safety controller.