Sainsbury’s tackles food waste with ‘Banana Rescue’ stations

Sainsbury’s tackles food waste with ‘Banana Rescue’ stations

With UK households binning 1.4 million bananas at a cost of £80 million every year, Sainsbury’s has launched an in-store ‘Banana Rescue’ stations.

While the average Briton enjoys three bananas a week and a fifth eats one every day, a third still admit to binning one if it has even a minor bruise, or a black mark on the skin.

More than one in 10 will also discard a banana if it shows any green on the skin; this despite bananas ranking as one of the nation’s favourite snacks.

Paul Crewe, Head of Sustainability, Engineering, Energy & Environment for Sainsbury’s, said: “To help customers waste less food and save more money, we’ve launched pop-up ‘Banana Rescue’ stations in our stores.

“There, shoppers will find recipe inspiration – including our very own tried and tested recipe for home-made banana bread –  as well as everything they need to help make their own loaves, including mixing bowls, blenders, baking tins and storage solutions.”

The move is part of the supermarket’s £10 million ‘Waste less, Save more’ initiative, and the pop-up plinths are currently live across over 500 stores nationwide.

In a bid to help customers consider other ways to use their flawed bananas, Sainsbury’s has unpicked the nation’s banana behaviours.

New research has found that a quarter of us prefer to eat a banana as a quick and healthy snack, while a fifth regularly have one Monday to Friday in our lunchboxes.

16% of banana eaters enjoy them at breakfast, and just under one in 10 will have a banana pre- or post-exercise, make banana smoothies and use them in desserts.

The news comes as Sainsbury’s announces that it’s in store banana bread trial – which sees unsold fruits used by the in-store bakery teams – has been extended to 110 stores nationwide.

Originally trialled in seven stores last year, in line with of the supermarket’s Waste less, Save more campaign, the range has also been extended to include a choc chip flavour.