PureCircle produces stevia extract with ‘sugar-like’ taste

c-LEcta expanding production of plant-based sweetener with ‘sugar-like taste’
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Aneta_Gu

PureCircle has produced the first stevia leaf extract from the new StarLeaf stevia, which contains over 20 times more sugar-like steviol glycoside content compared to standard stevia leaf varieties.

The extract from this non-GMO proprietary leaf variety provides beverage and food developers a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener to produce finished products with more upfront sweetness, no bitter linger and a sugar-like taste.

Based on this production, PureCircle has expanded this variety to commercial scale and will plant it in thousands of hectares.

When these plants are harvested, customers will benefit from increased availability of these sugar-like glycosides. This new variety will support developers in achieving deeper levels of suga