US drinks producer purchases second Sacmi labeller from KUBE range

US drinks producer purchases second Sacmi labeller from KUBE range

A leading US company specialising in the production and marketing of probiotic drinks has purchased a second Sacmi labeller from the modular KUBE range.

This latest addition was selected on account of its flexibility, productivity and a hard-wearing, compact design that maximises efficiency whatever the manufacturing scenario.

The machine was needed to label a beverage – with ancient Asian origins – that is becoming ever-more popular on the North American food and healthcare market.

Hence the firm’s purchase of a second Sacmi KUBE modular labeller, equipped with stations for the application of “pressure sensitive” self-adhesive labels.

Already exhibited at the last edition of Pack Expo International, the labeller has been purchased to boost the output capacity of the firm, which sees this drink as its flagship product.

The supplied solution features two self-adhesive labelling modules. Configured “in tandem”, the two modules allow perfect production continuity thanks to the non-stop reel replacement unit.

Featuring hard-wearing, compact design, the KUBE labeller has been designed by Sacmi to ensure maximum efficiency under all manufacturing conditions and can easily be integrated on existing lines.

The new labeller thus joins the KUBE already used to apply semi-wraparound labels on glass and plastic containers.

Ergonomics and user-friendliness complete the picture. Moreover, the solution carries UL certification, North America’s most widely recognised quality and safety hallmark.