New high pressure verification tech aids food packaging safety

New high pressure verification tech aids food packaging safety

In what has been described as a first for the inks and food industries, Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has launched a high-pressure ‘ink’ which shows that a High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP) has been applied.

Also known as High Pressure Processing, HPP machines are specially designed to inactivate pathogenic bacteria and bolster shelf-life. Conventional pasteurisation relies on high temperature, which can degrade the taste and nutritional value of food and beverages.

The new ink allows food service companies who are receiving shipments of HPP foods – such as meat, seafood, dairy and vegetables – and need to give their restaurants or grocery stores quick visual indicator or whether they should accept delivery of food products.

“If you’re the vice president of food safety at a large restaurant or grocery franchise with a national supply chain, you are managing a significant risk profile of millions of units of food packaging being delivered to your business under the assumption it has been processed through HPP,” said Patrick Edson, Chief Marketing Officer of CTI.

He added: “Customers tell us ‘we only need one packaging to bypass the HPP machine and show up at a restaurant and we have a huge problem.”

CTI’s patent-pending technology is delivered via an ink that can be printed on the exterior of most packages for the marketplace. The ink is clear when printed and then increases in colour as it’s exposed to the very high isotactic pressures found in the HPP process.