Nafoods Group launches juice made from Vietnamese superfruit

Nafoods Group launches juice made from Vietnamese superfruit

Nafoods Group is launching Gac Day, a new all-natural red fruit juice, using Vietnamese Gac fruit, a Lycopene and Beta Cartotene rich native superfruit.

Nafoods Group’ new product uses red grape as base ingredient and Gac pureee as a key innovative ingredient concocted with two red super fruits – strawberry and blackcurrant.

The new beverage is one of the contenders in the SIAL Paris Product Innovation Awards this year.

Gac Day is part of a range of functional juices developed by Nafoods Group. Its consumer products are sold in international retail chains while it also supplies fruit ingredients to international food companies such as Flagfood AG, Passina, Kiril Mischeff Group, Cobell and Lamex Agrifoods.

Gac fruit is newly discovered as superfruit and is native from Vietnam. Lycopene concentration in Gac fruit is seventy times higher than that found in tomato and its beta-carotene concentration is ten times higher than in carrot.

Gac Day is a rich source of powerful antioxidants – vitamin C, lycopene and beta­ carotene and folic acid, which help protect the cardiovascular system, contribute to cellular rejuvenation, and strengthen the immune system. Its rich composition caters to different needs of global health conscience consumers.

To support the product launch, Na Foods will actively promote the product at international trade shows such as SIAL Paris, Food Expo Vietnam, ASEAN food and beverage fair in Seoul.

“Our mission is to bring a Vietnamese amazing powerful superfruit with very rich nutritional composition to global consumers using the slogan: Nutritious brilliance. Essentially Vietnam,” said Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, President of Na Foods Group.