Recyclable mushroom punnet reduces food waste

Recyclable mushroom punnet reduces food waste

Tesco is trialling new packaging for its fresh mushroom portfolio with the aim of keeping them fresher for longer and reducing food waste.

Motivated by the need to curb food waste and champion British produce, the supermarket has launched the trial of its new fully recyclable pulp punnet.

Tesco said that “customers were influential” to the new packaging. Feedback revealed that some customers were put off by buying mushrooms in plastic punnets. Condensation sometimes dorms in the punnets which can cause the product to deteriorate more quickly and thus need throwing out.

The new pulp punnet is intended to extend shelf life, helping stores reduce waste and allow customers to keep their mushrooms for longer.

The punnets are made from fully recyclable material and allows for moisture to be absorbed, whilst still maintaining integrity.

This follows the supermarkets commitment that “no food that is safe for human consumption will go to waste from Tesco UK Retail operations by the end of 2017”.