Milliken UV absorber helps protect PET packaged goods

Milliken UV absorber helps protect PET packaged goods

Ultraviolet light can seriously undermine your product’s quality and consistency.

Product exposure to sunlight and artificial light sources at any point in its life cycle potentially can degrade the colour, flavour, aroma and nutritional value of food and drink products packaged in clear PET bottles, shortening shelf life and damaging your brand’s reputation.

Milliken’s ClearShield Colorless UV Absorber retains PET’s clarity while protecting UV-sensitive packaged goods by incorporating the absorber directly into the package itself, allowing brand owners to remove the high loadings of traditional UV additives from the formulations of the packaged contents.

ClearShield filters 95% of UV light at up to 390 nanometers and is effective at very low loadings.

It’s a clear choice – protect the contents of your PET packaged goods from unwanted exposure to sunlight and indoor lighting and ensure their quality consistency by using Milliken’s ClearShield Colorless UV Absorber.