UK’s milk sector gains major new force

Consumer confusion persists over milk and plant-based alternatives
Credit: ziashusha

The Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative has joined forces with indie cheese maker Wyke Farms to form a new business identity.

Dubbed ‘The British Organic Dairy Company’, the joint business identity will provide a “more robust yet flexible operation for the production of key organic dairy products, to exploit opportunities or ride out uncertainties in a post Brexit world”.

The duo originally announced their business partnership back in July where they also publically set out their intentions to be the “supplier of choice across the world for organic cheese, and premium cheese by-products by expanding organic cheese production, distribution and sales”.

The UK organic cheese category is under performing relative to overall dairy, with just 1% market share within cheese, compared to 5% in liquid milk and 8.5% in yogurt, for example.

This shortfall in potential can be attributed to supply chain issues such as poor quality driving low repeat purchase, sporadic supply and a relatively costly supply chain.

“This collaboration will create a solid platform to grow sales of organic dairy products and allow it to reach its potential in a growing world market, now and post-Brexit” said Rich Clothier, Wyke Farms MD.

Richard Hampton Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative;s MD added: “The launch of our business-to-business brand, ‘The British Organic Dairy Company’, is an exciting development and will enable us to facilitate the sales and marketing of our products under a joint brand identity.”

Under the new identity, Wyke Farms will be sourcing all the milk requirements for organic cheese production from OMSCo, whilst OMSCo will increase its range of specialist organic cheese made by Wyke Farms for export markets, and also take a share in the ownership of bulk cheddar stocks for a proportion of domestic and export sales.

The collaboration will also allow Wyke Farms and OMSCo to capitalise on the growth of the organic dairy market on a global scale, producing branded and own label products certified to EU, American and Chinese standards.