Memphis Meats produce poultry meat without the animal

Tyson Foods latest investor in clean meat start-up Memphis Meats
Credit: Memphis Meats

Memphis Meats has reached a milestone for the ‘clean meat’ industry after unveiling the production of the world’s first clean chicken and duck.

This latest addition follows the production of clean beef, delivered by a small number of companies including Memphis Meats.

Chicken is the most popular protein in America, where consumers eat an average of about 90 pounds a year, representing an annual market of $90 billion domestically. Duck has a deep significance in many regions including mainland China, which consumers more than 6 million pounds per year, more than the rest of the world combined.

For the first time in history, both chicken and duck have been produced directly form poultry cells, bypassing the need to rear and slaughter an animal.

“This is a historic moment for the clean meant movement,” said Uma Vlaeti, M.D., co-founded and CEO of Memphis Meats.

“We aim to produce meat in a better way, so that it is a delicious, affordable and sustainable. We really believe this is a significant technological leap for humanity, and an incredible business opportunity to transform giant global industry while contributing to solving some of the most urgent sustainability issues of our time.”

The breakthrough was made possible by the unique technological platform that the company is building to produce new clean meat products and accelerate clean meat innovation.

The multi-animal platform will allow the company to produce many types of meat and to fine-tune the taste, texture and nutrition profile of its product. It will also enable the company to scale up production and rapidly reduce costs.

The team is targeting a commercial launch in 2021.