Majority of nutrition companies lining up new launches for 2017

Majority of nutrition companies lining up new launches for 2017
Credit: Billion Photos

The majority of nutrition and nutraceutical companies are planning to launch new products this year, research has revealed.

The organisers of Vitafoods Europe surveyed 192 of their exhibitors and visitors. More than nine in ten said they would launch at least one new product over the next 12 months.

The figures paint a picture of innovation across the industry, with exhibitors and visitors alike planning new offerings. Almost half said they would launch between one and four new products, with 25% planning five to nine.

Chris Lee, Managing Director, Global Health and Nutrition Network, Europe, Informa Exhibitions, said: “The global nutrition industry is looking particularly dynamic at the moment. The fact that the vast majority of companies are planning new launches is testimony to their commitment to innovation.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure that Vitafoods Europe reflects that, and supports companies with new launches as much as possible.”

When asked which three health benefit areas were most important for their companies, one in three respondents listed general health and well-being. Three in ten listed cardiovascular health and healthy ageing, and 29% listed weight management and bone and joint health.