Low sugar start-up launches new snack bars

Low sugar start-up launches new snack bars

Adonis Smart Foods, the low sugar snack start-up, has introduced two snack bars to appeal to the health-conscious snack consumer.

The bars aim to satisfy consumers’ sweet cravings and help minimise sugar spikes caused by refined and natural fruit sugars. The main ingredients include nuts, seeds, fibres and superfoods and comprise the Pecan, Goji Berry & Cocoa Bar and The Coconut, Vanilla & Acai Berry Bar – which recently won Gold at the Free Fromm Food Awards 2017.

Adonis products are gluten free, soy free, vegan and paleo and they only contain 2g of natural occurring sugars – rather than dates, raisins or other fruits – to keep the sugar content low.

Confirmed stockists include As Nature Intended, Partridges and a fast growing number of health food stores.

Adonis was started by former investment banker Ingo Braeulich who found himself always reaching for snacks during long and stressful working hours. A lack of healthy snack options available led him to develop his own, that wouldn’t preclude him from staying in shape and were natural, healthy and delicious.

His mission in 2017 is to raise £250,000 in capital through private investment and via crowdfunding to grow retail opportunities.

He said: “While there are many healthy energy bars out there that are great for those doing sport and need a fast energy release, Adonis aim to be the option for people who are cooped up in the office, working late and don’t have time to fit in exercise. Our products provide the slower energy release that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutritional value.”