Kraft Heinz latest to back animal welfare for broilers

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Credit: nd3000

In bid to bolster its animal welfare credentials, The Kraft Heinz Company has committed to higher treatment standards for the broiler chickens in its US supply chain.

Earlier this year, Cranswick, M&S and Coop Switzerland were among those pledging to preserve the welfare of livestock.

Now Kraft Heinz is another in a long line of major food players backing better welfare as the industry zeitgeist continues to shift.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has applauded the food giant for addressing the most pressing concerns related to poultry production by requiring a shift in how its chickens are bred, housed and processed.

“Kraft Heinz shows yet again that improving animal welfare is a core part of being a successful food company,” said Josh Balk, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection for The HSUS.

Kraft Heinz said it will work alongside supplies and the industry at large to source 100% of its chicken via breeds approved by the RSPCA or GAP by 2024.

It will also “provide birds with more space to perform natural behaviours”. This includes a stocking density no greater than 6 pounds per square foot and providing birds with better environments.