Kite Packaging donates IT equipment to UK charity

Kite Packaging donates IT equipment to UK charity

Kite Packaging, the employee owned packaging specialist, has donated IT equipment to charity Adventure Plus.

Adventure Plus has worked with over 60,000 young people and adults through outdoor adventures since 1990 and is supported by over 200 volunteers, many individuals, charitable trusts and churches.

Kite Packaging was founded in 2001 and having always focused on finding bright, talented individuals, its knows only too well the importance of education and building the confidence of young aspiring individuals.

Adventure Plus undertakes great work throughout the UK for young people from underprivileged or challenged backgrounds and Kite is thrilled to offer the IT equipment to them.

As a successful and influential business, Kite Packaging believes they have the responsibility to support the development of the next generation and understand the importance of technology and the extended capabilities technology can lead to.

The equipment donated by Kite Packaging will greatly support Adventure Plus in allowing them to build up their ‘back office’ capability and enable their organisation’s primary focus of providing adventure holidays and training for young people throughout the UK. It was an honour for Kite to donate their end of life I.T. equipment to such a great charity.

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