Kite expand single wall box range

Kite expand single wall box range

Kite Packaging have increased their existing single wall box range, offering a more diverse range to customers.

The employee-owned company offers an extensive range of corrugated products and are constantly expanding their range to supply customers with a wide range of high quality, price competitive products.

Its most recent launch is an increase to their existing single wall box range, having added 12 new sizes to the range at highly competitive prices.

Single wall boxes provide protection and reliability at a cost-effective price and feature a single layer of sturdy cardboard.

Recycled content ranges from 60% to 90%. All R/RB flute boxes are compressed to create strength, and the outer Kraft paper is reinforced to aid in the structure, making the product more environmentally friendly in comparison to other board grades.

Perfectly suited to a variety of consignment applications, single wall cardboard boxes are a durable and cost-effective solution to more expensive cardboard products.

Whether you are shipping products to customers across the UK, relocating your business or place of residence, or simply looking for long-term storage options, Kite’s single wall boxes can get the job done.