Insect protein start-up scoops BBC farming award

Insect protein start-up scoops BBC farming award
Courtesy of Agriprotein

Insect protein producer Agriprotein has been crowned winner of the BBC’s inaugural international food and farming award.

The South African start-up was named the ‘BBC Food Chain Global Champion’ for its flagship product – MagMeal.

MagMeal is an animal feed ingredient made from fly larvae reared on food waste, intended as a protein substitute for fishmeal widely used in aquaculture, agriculture and petfood.

With world fish stocks under threat, MagMeal offers a natural, sustainable alternative that will never run out as long as humans produce waste, the company said.

Part of the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2017, the Food Chain Global Champion is a new category for this year.

AgriProtein co-founder and CEO Jason Drew said: “Insect protein is an idea whose time has come and we are now producing it at an industrial scale. This award is a vote of confidence in the waste-to-nutrient industry.”

New EU regulations permit the use of insect-based nutrients in aquafeed since July 2017, while other geographies already permit its wider use in agriculture and petfood.

AgriProtein – Recently announced its intentions to move to a London HQ – has fly farm projects under development in several countries to produce MagMeal for the $100 billion aquafeed market.

Ultimately, the company intends to upscale MagMeal for poultry, pigs and petfood.

Using a factory roll-out model developed with global engineering firm Christof Industries, the company is able to deliver fly farms on a turnkey basis anywhere in the world at the rate of up to 25 factories per year.