Historic food group invests £40m in bakery growth

Historic food group invests £40m in bakery growth
Courtesy of William Jackson Food Group

Hull’s William Jackson Food Group is supporting the growth of its bakery brand Jacksons by investing £40 million in a second bakery.

Based in Corby, the new bakery has been approved by Corby Borough Council. It will provide ancillary support to the Jackson’s primary Hull-based bakery where it has been based for more than a century and makes bread for sandwich manufacturing and food service customers.

The new state-of-the-art bakery is designed specifically to make sandwich bread for sandwich manufacturers.

It will be built on a 10-acre site in Genner Road on the Willowbrook East Industrial Estate in Corby which we purchased in February this year.

“The Group and its family shareholders have invested significantly in the Hull bakery over recent years, and indeed continue to invest in the Hull site,” said CEO Norman Soutar.

“We take a long-term approach to the individual businesses in the Group, allowing them time to grow and develop and we’re very much looking forward to seeing how the next chapter of the bakery’s life unfolds.”

In addition to making 70% of the bread used in UK prepared sandwiches, Jacksons makes branded bread for sale in UK supermarkets – Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion which has grown every year since its launch in 2012.