Holy Moly to ‘shake up’ dips category with new guacamole range

Holy Moly to ‘shake up’ dips category with new guacamole range

British start-up Holy Moly is setting its sights on shaking up the retail chilled dips category with a new range of sin-free guacamoles.

The gourmet dip brand is also introducing what it claims to be the UK’s first 100% pure pre-smashed avocado.

The healthy, vegan, gluten and dairy free dips are made with completely natural ingredients – and absolutely no preservatives.

The four-week shelf life provides retailers with a huge wastage benefit, whilst helping reduce consumer waste increasingly associated with fresh avocado.

The Holy Moly range includes three 150g dips: the Saintly Original Guacamole, the Devilishly Hot Guacamole – with a boosted kick from fresh chillies – and the Holy Grail; 100% Pure pre-smashed avocado.

To ensure ultimate freshness and purity, the process begins at the source, a family-owned avocado orchard in Mexico.

Avocados are hand-picked, hand-scooped and combined with freshly sourced local ingredients there and then.

Holy Moly use High Pressure Processing (HPP) method, cold water pressure kills naturally occurring bacteria, whilst preserving taste, texture and natural vitamins, creating a dip that is as close to homemade, as homemade.

The range was born after friends and co-founders Tom Walker and Gaz Booth had a ‘friendly’ disagreement around who made the best guacamole.

After realising there wasn’t a product that tasted homemade available to buy, the pair spotted a gap in the market to create one and went on a quest to Mexico to start their journey into the chilled dip market.

Director Mr Walker said: “We launched Holy Moly to inject some real excitement into the chilled dip category. Avocados are ‘the’ food of the moment and as their popularity is rapidly continuing to rise, we felt the guacamole dip offering in the UK didn’t truly reflect this.

“Our aim with Holy Moly is to ‘free the dip’ and encourage consumers to use this range as more than just a condiment. That’s why we created 100% Pure, to make a product that can be added to any dish, as opposed to just being a tortilla dip.”