Healthy chocolate drives sales at Barry Callebaut

Healthy chocolate drives sales at Barry Callebaut
Credit: limpido

Healthy chocolate has led to a sales volume rise of 2.8% at Swiss chocolate and cocoa manufacturer Barry Callebaut.

For the fiscal year 2016/17, the manufacturer witnessed a 4.7% rise in chocolate. Moreover, in Q3 there was a 5.5% acceleration of volume growth driven by gourmet & specialities, outsourcing and emerging markets.

“Thanks to our healthy chocolate portfolio, we maintained good volume growth momentum and managed to outperform the market once again,” said CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique.

This growth occurred against a 0.6% downturn in the global chocolate confectionary market over the last nine months.

Despite this, the Group bounced back with a 2.3% rise during the last three months of the period where it phased-out some of its less profitable contracts.

Mr de Saint-Affrique added: “The phase-out of less profitable cocoa contracts is now completed; we continue to see a healthy portfolio and expect the good momentum to remain. On this basis we confirm our mid-term guidance.”

During this same period, the Group opened a chocolate academy Italy and Mexico City as well as investing in four existing Asian academies.

It also brought a number of new products to market, including Callebaut ChocoGelato – a chocolate geleatria style chocolate product.

This all came amidst continued efforts to drive sustainability in the sector, and endeavouring to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025.