Google data reveals beverage trend setters

Google data reveals beverage trend setters
Credit: Anna_Pustynnikova

To keep abreast of the rapidly evolving trends and flavours of the global beverage industry, Google has launched its first Beverage Trends Report.

The report pools data collected via Google searches to enable marketers identify and quantify changes in the beverage industry.

This data has identified the US, UK, Spain and Mexico as the four main markets where beverage trends are taking off.

Cold brew

Unsurprisingly, cold brew came out as one of the top trends. Beverages processed this way have risen in popularity – driven by health conscious consumers and a thirst for premium quality.

For example, cold brew technology purports to enhance the flavour of coffee by making it less bitter and instead sweeter and more like chocolate.

The research identity that consumer also appreciate the DIY factor involved with this method. Indeed, drinkers have turned to YouTube in an attempt to master the process themselves.

Although cold brew is most prominent in the US, the trend is gaining traction in other markets such as Spain and, more recently, Mexico.

Thirst for earthiness

Spurred on by the functional food trend, consumers have a greater thirst for new tastes.

Search data shows that people are activity looking for flavours associated with plans and herbs.

It’ll come as no surprise that matcha is leading the charge across all four markets.

Although it is most commonly associated with weight loss and antioxidants, match also has a creamy and rich taste profile. Little wonder it is used as a flavouring in lattes.

Rounding off this trend is turmeric which has, this year, been in everything from coffee to post-workout blends.

Dandelion, chamomile and parsley are all tipped as the next major trends.

Premium aqua

This year, sales of bottled water overtook soda in the US for the first time. Needless to say, bottled water is an industry to be reckoned with.

But far from sticking to simple mineral waters, consumers are responding to fancy bottle designs and functional sparkling varieties.

The top trending searches in this category related to enhancing waters such as boosting alkalinity, adding carbonation, or using premium water bottles.

Sparkling water, in particular, is gaining major market traction. Although it has seen huge growth in both the US and UK, Spain and Mexico have only recently jumped on board.