Givuadan to responsibly source 90% of raw ingredients by 2020

Givuadan to responsibly source 90% of raw ingredients by 2020
Credit: aaltair

Flavour and fragrances giant, Givaudan, said that from 2020 90% of its raw natural materials will be responsibly sourced.

Givaudan sources over 10,000 raw materials from all over the world for the creation of flavours and fragrances.

In 2016, it introduced a comprehensive Responsible Sourcing Policy that sets high standards for health and safety, environmental, business integrity and social practices.

An industry first, the policy was defined in consultation with stakeholders including the United Nations Global Compact, the International Trade Center , the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative and The Forest Trust.

Willem Mutsaerts, Head of Global Procurement and Sustainability, said: “Our Responsible Sourcing programme is the blueprint for how we will work with our partners and suppliers to protect fragile natural sources and lead supply chain transparency in the flavour and fragrance industry.”

Johannes Rogaar, Head of Global Procurement Excellence and Responsible Sourcing, added: “For key raw materials of natural origin, we are going further by creating supply chain transparency, collecting information on intermediary suppliers up to the farm level, and initiating valuable improvements where needed.”