Funding for Liquid Vision to improve olive oil quality

European olive oil market reaches €3bn, but challenges loom
Credit: Valentyn Volkov

INCluSilver has awarded London food company, Liquid Vision Innovation, has been awarded €25,000 to develop an optical sensor to improve the quality of olive oil.

INCluSilver is an EU funded programme which supports SMEs in developing pioneering ideas in nutrition for those aged over 50.

Liquid Vision will develop a smart optical sensor suitable for real-time assessment of the quality of extra virgin olive oil, which is full of health-promoting polyphenols and antioxidants.

Recent studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet including daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil can increase survival among older Europeans.

Dr Cathy Rushworth, Director of Liquid Vision, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded a demonstration voucher from INCluSilver to develop an optical sensor for real-time assessment of extra virgin olive oil quality, in collaboration with AVLAKI, an extra virgin olive oil producer.

“The project will stimulate the food industry to sustainably produce healthier and higher quality foods, with positive impacts on personalized nutrition, particularly for the silver population.”