Free-from milk added to inflation basket

Non-dairy milk, such as soya, rice and oat milk, are being added to the Office for National Statics’ (ONS) inflation basket for the first time.

This addition reflects the rising popularity of dairy-free diets, with the rise of campaigns such as ‘Veganuary’.

In addition, gin is returning to the basket after a 13-year absence, with consumption on the rise, partly thanks to the significant growth in the number of small producers.

They join returning bicycle helmets and children’s scooters, which have replaced swings.

As well as updating the goods and services that are included, ONS also updates the weight each item has within the basket to ensure the overall inflation rate reflects households’ spending habits as closely as possible.

Senior statistician Phil Gooding said: “The annual basket review enables us to keep up to date with all the latest trends, ensuring our inflation measures reflect the changing costs experienced by consumers.”