Food sector welcomes UK Gov’s Industrial Strategy

Brexit white paper: food and farming react
Credit: Andrey_Kuzmin

The publication of the UK’s much anticipated Industrial Strategy, which includes the formation of a Food and Drink Sector Council, has been welcomed by the industry.

According to the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), the creation of the Sector Council “recognises the importance of the many sub-sectors that make up the nation’s £112 billion ‘farm to fork’ food chain”.

It is hoped that the Council will enable industry growth, with exports, innovation and skills seen as priority areas for both food and drink manufacturing and the other sectors which make up the food chain.

“We have been calling for a Food and Drink Sector Council for some time and this is recognition from Government of the central importance of the food and drink supply chain to the economy,” said FDF Director General Ian Wright.

“UK food and drink is a major national asset and the envy of the world. The creation of the Council acknowledges the importance of the sector to both national security and economic growth, and will allow us to unlock our very significant productivity potential and secure our position as a global leader in safe, sustainable, and high-quality food and drink.”