Food fraud & ethical sourcing on the menu at Latin American summit

Food fraud & ethical sourcing on the menu at Latin American summit
Credit: Alexander Raths

Food fraud, ethical sourcing and sustainable ingredients will be the focus for the Latin America edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit.

Hosted for the first time in Latin America, the Food Fraud & Authenticity workshop will discuss approaches to mitigate food fraud and safety risks.

The recent meat scandal in Brazil has highlighted the vulnerabilities in global food supply chains.

It is estimated that one in tend foods are adulterated or mislabelled, bringing economic, environmental, as well as health, risks.

The half-day workshop will give an overview of analytical tools to detect food fraud, as well as guidance to food and ingredient firms on how to improve the integrity of supply chains.

After climate change, biodiversity has been described as the most profound environmental challenge facing the planet.

As the home of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil is a hot spot for deforestation. A dedicated decision on ethical sourcing & biodiversity will explore how the food industry can play its part by sustainably sourcing ingredients.

The growing array of sustainable ingredients for food and beverages will also be featured. Mariana Avino from Naturex will discuss the possibilities provided by natural colours and related ingredients.

Givaudan, meanwhile, will provide an update on natural flavourings for sustainability.

Other speakers will cover ancient grains, sustainable vegetable oils, new ingredients from side streams, and the advent of clean label ingredients.

Prominent Brazilian businesses will give thier marketing experienced with sustainable food. Ming Liu, Executive Director of Organis, will give an update on the Brazilian market for organic foods.

The programme of the Sustainable Foods Summit has been designed to tackle some of the pressing sustainability issues facing the Latin American food industry.

Organised by Ecovia Intelligence, the summit will take place in Sao Paulo on 18-20 September.