Fischbein: Bagging, Bag Closing and Palletizing partner, Stand B30 at PPMA

Investing in machinery and equipment should be on top of every company’s priority list if it aims to boost its productivity and production, and ultimately, positively contribute to the overall economy. The logic behind it is simple: by investing in the latest M&E, a company is able to save time and money as it doubles its manpower’s production efforts.

If your business consists of ‘bagged products’, in any industry, Fischbein has a solution to fulfil your needs.  From low-cost Manual sealers, semi-automated Industrial bag sealers and sewing systems and sewing consumables, to high speed fully automated bagging and palletizing solutions.  With finance available at cost effective rates, companies can invest in technology now, enabling them to produce their products faster, neater and with lower labour costs, within minimal initial financial outlay.  

Manufactured right here in the UK, as well as Europe and the US, we’re always here for you.  The most important thing we build is relationships. We do that by listening first. When you pick up the phone, we answer. When there’s a challenge, we meet it. When there’s a problem, we solve it. Not just before the sale, but also for years after installation.

Should you wish to discuss the solutions available for your business, call us today to see how we can assist with your company’s growth plans.

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