Fig tipped as 2018’s ‘Flavour of the year’

Fig tipped as 2018’s ‘Flavour of the year’
Crtedit: MasterQ

Though the cool and refreshing cucumber was named 2017’s flavour of the year, Firmenich has tipped fig as the next year’s top flavour.

Long touted for its culinary uses as well as its numerous health benefits fig has surged in popularity in recent years.

“A true feel-good flavour, fig is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, with fig flavoured products growing by more than 80% between 2012 and 2016,” said Chris Millington, President of Firmenich, Flavours.

“With its numerous health benefits and sweet and satisfying flavour profile, fig offers endless opportunities to inspire our customers and delight their consumers across a wide range of food categories.”

Firmenich’s trend insights show that fig resonates with consumers who perceive it to represent health and authenticity, two trends that topped Euromonitor’s outlook for 2017, and we believe these trends will continue into 2018.

In addition, as consumers look to replace processed sugar with alternative sweeteners, fig has become a common go-to substitute.

Already used in jams and cereal, fig has increasingly been making its way into other categories including yogurt, tea, energy drinks, and even chewing gum.

In savoury dishes, fig provides a robust sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the salt-forward flavour of cured meats – and menu items such as bacon wrapped-figs, and prosciutto and fig pizza have become ubiquitous.

The fig is a study in contradictions. It is naturally sweet, yet extremely complex. It is meaty and gritty, but can also melt in your mouth.