Feedback call bull on Tesco’s fake farm branding

Feedback call bull on Tesco’s fake farm branding

Tesco is once again the target of industry scrutiny for branding its foods with fake farms, much to the ire of environmental organisation Feedback.

The organisation’s latest campaign – ‘Total Bull’ – aims to call out “the biggest bull on your supermarket shelves”.

Its inaugural award goes to Tesco for what it describes as the retail giant’s “unflinching commitment to fake farm branding”.

The issue, Feedback says, is that this branding tricks consumers into thinking that the meat or vegetables they’re purchasing is sourced from small-scale producers.

Though Tesco is far from the only retailer guilty of this practice, as Britain’s biggest supermarket it has attracted much of the flack.

Guilty parties also include Asda’s ‘Farm Stores’; Lidl’s ‘Birchwood Farm’ meat range; Aldi’s ‘Ashfield Farm’ and Marks and Spencer’s ‘Oakham’ chicken.

Despite Tesco’s choice of very British-sounding names, Feedback says, the company’s website acknowledges that not all of the meat sold in their Woodside Farms pork range will have come from UK farms.

Even for meats which are sourced from UK farms, such as ‘Willow Farms’ chicken, some meat may have been produced under conditions very far from those implied by their labels, in the growing number of mega-farms invading the UK’s countryside, many of which are reported to supply Tesco.