Impossible – FDA refuses meat-free patty

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The Impossible Burger

The US Food and Drug Administration has refused to declare Impossible Foods’ flagship patty as safe to eat.

This despite the meat-free “burger that bleeds” attracting high investors such as Bill Gates.

The regulatory organisation cited concerns over one of the additives involved in the manufacture of the patty.

The company uses the agent soy leghemoglobin to provide the patty with its meat-like profile. It is also what enables an otherwise meat-free product to bleed like a typical beef burger.

This substance is found naturally in the roots of soybean plants and is recreated by the company in its lab.

Despite being natural, the agent has never been consumed by humans, leading the FDA is worried it could be an allergen.

Although the FDA has expressed concerns, Impossible Foods is still free to sell their products to restaurants and consumers.

The company has said that both its patty and soy leghemoglobin have undergone extensive testing and investigation.