EFSA calls for feedback for BPA re-evaluation

EFSA calls for feedback for BPA re-evaluation
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ BCFC

EFSA is calling for feedback on the draft approach for its next re-evaluation of the toxicity of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical widely used in food contact materials.

The draft is laid down in a “scientific protocol” that defines upfront the scope, methodology and information needs before the assessment starts in 2018.

EFSA completed a comprehensive safety review of BPA in 2015. At the time, its scientific experts set a temporary tolerable daily intake (t-TDI) for BPA and committed to re-evaluate its toxicity when the results of extensive studies in the USA became available.

The new data will help to further assess possible effects on humans identified in EFSA’s previous work on BPA. EFSA’s review will also include other relevant studies published since the December 2012 cut-off point for EFSA’s last review of BPA safety.

Anna Castoldi, the EFSA scientist leading the protocol development, said: “This is the first public consultation EFSA has done on a scientific protocol. We’re giving specialists and members of the public an opportunity to inform an EFSA scientific assessment before work starts.”

Those interested in EFSA’s work on BPA have until 3 September to submit written feedback on the proposals via the online form.

EFSA will hold a follow-up meeting with contributors to the consultation on 14 September in Brussels, to discuss and consolidate their feedback and any additional comments that may be brought at this time.