DuPont ingredient increases sensory appeal of dairy-free drinks

DuPont Nutrition & Health has released a new ingredient enabling beverage manufacturers to enhance the appeal of dairy-free drinks.

Despite the growing market for soy, almond and other plant-based drinks, a regular criticism from consumers sees the texture and sensory profile come under scrutiny.

DuPont promises that the new ingredient in its Danisco range offers drinks makers the functionality needed without relying on other additives.

Made possible by the gelling agent, Grindsted Gellan MAS 100 – otherwise known as gellan gum – is a label-friendly stabiliser for non-dairy beverages made with pulses, grains, nuts and plant-derived protein.

Previously produced by DuPont for ingredient systems, it is now available as a single ingredient for the first time.

“The main driver is the demand for dairy-free drinks for lactose-intolerant consumers. According to the latest market intelligence, close to 25% of European consumers are reducing or avoiding dairy products in their diet for health reasons,” said Jean-Baptiste Dufeu, DuPont global product manager.

He added: “Our ingredient enables manufacturers to respond to this trend by stabilising particles in plant-based beverages and creating a refreshingly smooth texture. Consumers experience a refreshing drink with an authentic flavour profile.”

Market analysts at Euromonitor and Innova Market Insights have registered an explosion in sales of plant-based drinks. In 2016, sales in Western Europe alone reached $1.5 billion.

Soy beverages accounted for around $1 billion of those sales – a dominant position that is now being challenged by the rise of drinks based on rice, almond and oats.