DFDS Signs Biggest Ever Trailer Order

DFDS is investing Euro 22 million (£18.6 million) in 1000 new trailers and containers to ensure continuity in it’s service quality whilst accommodating growing business and special contracts.

With growth in DFDS’ logistics activities over recent years, the company believes now is a good time to improve services and increase business.

This is not a replacement fleet order; DFDS can now look forward to adding a further 860 new trailers and 200 containers to its existing fleet.

“This is our biggest ever trailer order”, says EVP Eddie Green, who heads DFDS Logistics.  “The Euro 22 million investment is in part to continue modernising our equipment to ensure quality service and partly to increase the trailer and container pool to accommodate our growing business and special contracts”.

The first of the new trailers and containers are currently leaving the manufacturers and we expect all will come into service over the next few months. The order consists of reefers, dry trailers and containers as well as intermodal trailers. Some will be used on rail services and some the general pool, while others will be dedicated trailers for the Sweden/Baltic route, so will be in service throughout the DFDS network.

In total, DFDS has a pool of 4,500 trailers and 3,000 containers.